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2023 Concept of the Year
vol. 3
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Section 01
loading life
555 Waiting Room,
Somewhere, 00000
A process of waiting to begin, to be filled, or to be completed.

A program or simulation initializing. The transferring of data to activate.

A blending, mixing, purging of things to create a new thing.

This is about time, a continued sequence of existence; the past, present, and future.
Section 02
Shaking snow globes
Street 10012 NY
W21st York 19 New
“Snow globes don’t shake on their own!” screams Isaac into the microphone. A fact I’d never considered before. These perfectly still, peacefully silent miniature landscapes are disrupted by a larger-than-life hand, often for no other reason than the giant’s entertainment. Are we living in a snow globe, our lives periodically shaken by unpredictable events to please a higher power—or are we the shakers of someone else’s world? Are we holding our breath amid the chaos or leaving giant fingerprints on the glass as we shake aggressively? Remember: no matter how many times a snow globe is shaken, everything will go still again…eventually.
Section 03
glitter magic
Warcholy, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Light sparkling on water. Fireflies. A breeze rushing through the forest crown. Tiny buds emerging from wet earth. A bird’s nest in the spring. A seashell on the beach. A shooting star.

This is glitter magic: enchanting, fleeting moments of natural wonder that leave you awestruck with our world.
Section 04
noStaLgic destiny
7425 Crinstead Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45243
A manifestation of the past, present, and future: anticipating what’s next; reflecting on what’s happened. Begging the question: “What familiar constants can I count on in what’s to come?” Craving a familiar destiny comes in direct opposition to the inevitable, unfamiliar tomorrow.

Seek comfort and acceptance in the confusing, painful, and unpredictable nature of metamorphosis. The only constant in life is change.
Section 05
hologram memories
중구 <> Ciudad de México
Object and reference beams combine to create a 3D image only seen by light. In our memories and thoughts about the future, how do we—and objects around us—appear? The future we can envision is limited only by our understanding through learning and recalling. Will you be inspired or haunted by those memories?
Section 06
jello veins
∞ Vein St., Jello Town, Universe
Flowing through the uncertainty, there’s something ahead that you can’t quite grasp. Is it alive? Is it conscious? There’s light coming through, revealing only the veins. It may have been there for a century or a day. Who can know? Just there, just here, just being. Optimistic in the jello veins.
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